Fluid vac #1(Sewer cleaning truck)

Our equipment , partly automated and beneficial to serve various industrial applications is engineered and designed to collect or transport hazardous products in a safe and efficient way. Versatile, ergonomically designed, and roomy, the New Fluid vac (FLV600, FLV3400) is considered as the benchmark of Combination Units by hundreds of users. The Fluid vac (FLV600) Combination Unit is totally dedicated to sewer cleaning and waste disposal.


Vehicle combination units

To be fitted on, 6x2 (3-axle), 26t G.V.W chassis cab Also available in 4x2 and 8x4.

Tank Size

Operational volume with moving partition from 6 to 24 cubic metres. Tank size 6.4 or 8.7, or 11.7, or 15 cubic metres, according to chassis size.

Suction Boom

- Suction Boom DN 120 or DN 150 - Jib Extension: 1500 mm - Rotation over more than 270°

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

1700 cubic metre/hour to 3400 cubic metre/hour,
High performance with low noise.
Provides continuous vacuum without pressure pulsations pulsations.

High Pressure Water Jetting Pump

Power from 75 to 150 hp, 145 l/min at 200 bar, 211 l/min at 190 bar, 240 l/min at 190 bar, Other pumps available on request.

Main jetting hose reel located on the rear door

Dual-axle swivelling - Capacity : 140 m 1’’ diam. Jetting hose


 We are very passionate equipment manufacturer, unique in the region and providing “high capacity vacuum equipment”. The equipment is based on automation and is extremely beneficial to serve various kinds of industrial cleaning applications in a safe, efficient and cost reducing manner