The vacuum toilet system is a type of hygienic toilet, which has Indian style and European style models, which collects the wastes at the storage in its body and prevents significantly the environmental pollution, which can clean itself with its economical water, which runs with vacuum and pressure system, and which is suitable for using in the rail, air, maritime and road sectors.

Applying the vacuum toilet system needs compressed air, 24V DC energy and water that are present in all possible transportation vehicles.

The system is formed by being combined the pneumatic and electronic systems.

Major Advantages of UTC Vacuum toilet

1-Low water consumption

2-Sensitivity to the human health and environmental pollution

3-To be the original design of the Project

4-Compliance with Indian rules with its bidet system

5-To be the only domestic production in our country and to prevent import

6-Easy availability of spare parts

Main technical parameters

Air Supply Pressure                      – 5 to 10 bar

Working Water Pressure            – 0.1 to 1.5 bar (bidet function min. 1 bar)

Number of Release Nozzles       – 3     

Vacuum                                                  – 0.6 bar

Overpressure:                               – 1.5 bar

Air Consumption:                         – 20 liters / cycle

Water Consumption:                  – 0.25 to 0.5 liter / cycle

Weight:                                           -21 -25 kg

Dimensions:                                   – 531x459x367

Interface Water:                            – Ø8mm tube coupling

Air:                                                    – Ø10mm tube coupling

Water outlet:                                 – Ø41mm

Electric Power Supply:                  -16.8-32V DC

Electric Power:                             – 20W (~5W standby)

Temperature:                                 -20°C to +60°C

Working Temperature:               – 2°C to +60°C

Valves:                                             – Pinch Valves (with mechanisms)

Casing:                                             – Seat and Cover Antiseptic Laminate

Control System:                              – Dispersed Module + Main Controller

Intermediate Tank:                        – AISI 304 or 316

Lavatory Pan:                                   -AISI 304 or 316