Our Services

We are unquestionably the  most experienced Mechanical Design Engineering resource in the India.  If you hire us you will gain the full benefits of an Engineer with almost 15 years experience in the automation field. We strive to stay competitive by maintaining a low overhead while doing all of our machining ,sheet metal fabrication and integrated control systems under one roof.

Our customers often tell us that our prices fall 30% below that of our competitors. Relying on proven design concepts that we have already implemented ,allows us to get it right the first time and saves our customers time and money.

Machine Design Services

Machine Design Services, Inc.has been continuously providing industry with solutions to all types of manufacturing and Automation issues.

Customer Trust

Trust is very important to us. We like to meet with our customers and still believe in the value of a handshake and the honesty of looking someone in the eye when making commitment.

Perfect Execution

Our product design service is an incredible resource for individuals seeking to develop a new product. We do the engineering, Industrial design and prototyping for our clients.

Affordable Prices

We work with Solid work and expedite their time to market at very reasonable rates.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Our Specialization

Engineering, Machine Design, Product Design, FEA Analysis, Prototype Machining and Integrated Control Systems !.