UTC Industries transforms the utility of everyday things.

We are patented lever-based systems to transform the shape and utility of your products. this technology allows people and the things they work with to be where they are needed.Introducing the FH-20F Transportable Unfolding House, office and shops etc.

o   This demonstrator is operated by motor or hydraulic but buildings using this technology can be counterbalanced and operated manually or automatic, quickly and easily, in any location

o   These buildings can self-unload from a standard lorry.

o   In addition this building can incorporate terraces or extra space on both sides.

o   Buildings using this technology are extremely adaptable and can be constructed in many different materials and in many different sizes and styles to suit almost any application or geography.

o   Complimentary modules can be attached to both ends to provide additional facilities such as water processing, air Locks or extra storage space